A Texas man who got hurt in a bar fight two years ago sued the bar's owner for overselling him alcohol and was awarded $5.5 million in a default judgement. I can hear Jon Taffer now.


Daniel Rawls says after drinking at La Fogata in Andrews, Texas, back on May 21, 2019, he and another patron named Robert Henrickson got into a scuffle in the parking lot.

Rawls suffered head injuries in the fight that his lawyer says could've been avoided if the restaurant hadn't continued to serve alcohol to the two patrons when they were 'visibly inebriated.'


In the complaint, La Fogata's owner, Lourdes Galindo, and an unnamed bartender are accused of allowing the two to drink to excess, leave the restaurant together, and didn't call an ambulance after Rawls was injured.


Galindo and his bartender are accused of negligence for failing to notice when their patrons were overserved.

Also, the lawsuit accused Galindo of not making sure his parking lot didn't have obstacles “that would pose a tripping or falling hazard to intoxicated patrons.” This resulted in Rawls taking a “serious and debilitating” head injury after being assaulted in an "uneven parking lot." This part to me, just sounds like dude got his ass kicked and is trying to feel big about it.

The civil suit was filed in May of this year, and on July 27th, Rawls was awarded $5.5 million for five claims: premises liability, negligence, and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct.

The court ruled in a default judgement, which means the owner of La Fogata didn't respond to the lawsuit or even show up at the hearing.

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