A security camera caught a DoorDash driver making big potty after they made their delivery.

The building manager of an aparment building, Lisa Stanley, told Fox LA she received calls that there was poop all over the lobby of their building.

"What I saw… I could not unsee. I was flabbergasted at what I saw," Lisa Stanley, who was the DoorDash customer for the delivery, told FOX 11. "She let it go. You know what they say, ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go,' and boy did she ever."

"You're four steps away from outside where there's a bush or your car, or I don't know – but not in the lobby of a Brentwood apartment building!"

When Lisa contacted DoorDash support through the app to alert them to what happened, the company responded saying "Thank you for your patience, and I hope you're doing well. We do not condone this type of action and are currently investigating this with the information provided."

The DoorDash support person went on to say that the driver associated with her delivery "is no longer able to deliver with DoorDash. Details of all investigations are kept private."

Lisa shared the video to her Twitter page, to which DoorDash responded right away.  "Hello, Lisa! We cannot apologize enough for this happening. The actions of the Dasher were completely uncalled for. Allow us to make sure we get this addressed. Send over a DM with your email and phone number so we can make this situation right."

Watching the video, the Dasher takes off her sweater and inspects it.

Read more at Fox11 

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