A few years ago Domino's unveiled a new delivery car that featured a built-in pizza oven. It was only a matter of time before one of the DXPs ended up in a junkyard and some guy decided to restore it.

YouTuber SamCrac found the wrecked car and paid $525 for it at an auction. After his purchase, Sam documented the restoration process in a series of videos that pulled in over two million views. All was well until an "organization" flagged one of the videos for trademark infringement.

Sam was later contacted by someone affiliated with multiple franchises who asked him to remove any and all Domino's markings from the car. They also asked that he get rid of the proprietary warming oven as well.

Days later, the same person called Sam and offered him $10,000 for the vehicle and threatened legal action when he declined. He made a counteroffer of $90,000 and was hung up on.

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