If you've seen Toy Story 4, you know Duke Caboom was an obvious homage to Evel Knievel, with the wind up stand, bike, and even his outfit.

It's obviously similar, and probably reminded you of fond memories of the toy that kind of worked.

You can still buy the same toy, here.


K&K Promotions, the company managing the use of Evel Knievel's image and likeness, is suing Disney and Pixar over the character.

They claim that the stuntman driver voiced by Keanu Reeves is a clear rip-off of the motorcycle daredevil. K&K say they own all rights to Knievel's likeness, and were not contacted about basing characters or toys off of the brand.

Duke's character isn't the only thing Disney has to worry about. It seemed Tony Hale had to do some jumping through hoops not to use the word "spork" interviews, because they were worried that the character Forky would cause more lawsuits. At least, that's what K&K claims.

Disney also has to worry about the merchandise side, because the Duke Caboom toys sold like hotcakes when they were released.

K&K is looking for a big pay day, and there's no way they won't get it.

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