Did you ever sell lemonade as a kid to make a little money? Kids still do it today sometimes. Occasionally they run into legal trouble... seriously.

In some areas, it's technically illegal to sell lemonade without a permit. Paying for the permit cuts into the profits so much, it kind of makes the whole thing pointless.

There are plenty of jerks out there who'll report you for it. Just last month, some kids in Denver got shut down by the cops, even though they were raising money for charity.

The company that makes Country Time Lemonade just launched a new website called "Country Time Legal Ade." If your kid can't sell lemonade without a permit this summer, they'll pay to cover the cost of the fine or the permit, up to $300.

If you want to apply, just upload a photo of the permit or fine to their website, CountryTimeLegalAde.com.

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