There are many, many reasons why I'd never try to cook a rattlesnake for dinner, but this might be number one.

48-year-old Victor Pratt in Coolidge, Arizona was hosting his child's birthday party earlier this month when a rattlesnake showed up in the yard. Victor started showing off by grabbing it so he could cook it on the grill.

When he posed for pictures wrestling with the snake, he lost his grip on its head and it bit him twice.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he immediately got treatment, and it's a good thing he did, because after about a half hour more, he would've died. The treatment was so hardcore that Victor was blacked out in the hospital for five days.

Now he's home recovering and he says he learned his lesson, "Ain't gonna play with snakes no more."

Victor Pratt
Victor Pratt

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