Yesterday, immediately after I picked my son up from school and he begged me to take him to Walgreens. He wanted to get a toy that "EVERYBODY in school has" (his words). It's called a "Fidget Spinner".

Pocket Fidget
Pocket Fidget

Here's how our conversation went:

Me: Okay, What is it?
Zach: A Fidget Spinner. it costs $5 and I'll use my own money.
Me: What does it do?
Zach: You pinch it between your fingers and spin it.
Me: That's it? That's dumb.
Zach: Well, parents think it's a waste of money, and it IS--but's NOT.

How do you argue with that logic?

He tells me that they help with stress relief. They're also good for ADHD and help you concentrate too. He also added a pro tip: the ones sold at Walgreen are "WAY better 'cause they spin longer."

So we go to Walgreens. Sold out. "We hope to get another shipment tomorrow," says the guy.

Off to WalMart. Sold out. "We sold out Tuesday and we might get another case hopefully by the weekend," says the sales chick.

I call Super Target: Nope... should have some tomorrow.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a video of these spinners in action:

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