I've been the DJ at Military Events in the past, but attending the Army Birthday Ball as Joe Citizen last year was a new experience. Being in a room full of people who have spent part of their lives defending the freedom we hold so, so dear is pretty powerful.

The Army Campaign Streamers placement is nothing short of spectacular. I saw Veterans from WWII through the current deployments participate. So many battles, so many fallen soldiers and wounded families. The defense of freedom all seems so important and futile at the exact same time. But I have the freedom to question the price of war. Veterans gave that freedom to me. So while I fail to fully understand the necessity of war, I absolutely feel the concussion and vacuum of defenders leaving and never returning.

To the ones who do return--I owe them my gratitude and respect (Imagine the thrill I got to actually thank a WWII vet last night, for serving in a theatre 20+ years before I was even born!) I know many veterans who make light of their service, maybe try to downplay it as "just doing a job" or perhaps their duty not being essential--but I try to respectfully disagree. Another freedom I got from you-know-who doing you-know-what. So, if you served, if you lifted a rifle, pen, or bedpan, thanks.

The United States Army 244th Birthday Ball takes place June 14, 2019 from 5:00 - 11:00 pm at the Waterfront Convention Center, and if you'd like to attend you need to RSVP by June 7th. You can get your tickets here or


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