Here's the parade route for the 2015 Veterans Day Parade.

My Grandfather served in WWII, and was pictured in a book written about the "Workhorse of The Western Front" the 30th Infantry.  He didn't speak much about the horrors he saw, but when I asked him once about a medal he had hanging in his workshop, he told me there was only one way to get one like that, and that was to tear it from the jackass you just killed. Tall tale?  I don't know, but he returned with a complete German SS uniform, spire helmet, and bayonet along with his Purple Heart.

Later in his life, fragments of shrapnel from a grenade that exploded at his feet began to surface through his skin, and his eyes during an MRI.  He was badass.  It is in his honor that I attend this year's Veterans Day Parade.  Hope to see you there.

Wednesday November 11th in downtown Davenport, Veterans will be marching. Parade starts at 10AM. Take an hour, say thanks and enjoy the fun!

(Google Maps)

The route will start at 4th and Western -> South to 3rd street -> East to Main street -> South to 2nd street -> West to Scott -> North to the Courthouse for the ceremony. Marching units will proceed directly into parking lot at Scott street. The motorized units will turn West to Western and enter parking lots from Western.

The ceremony will be at the flag poles at approx 11:00 am.

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