People have been concerned that New York City is dying, but I think it's getting back to its glory days.

A group of people were found to be drinking, smoking, and fighting at an underground event called "Rumble in the Bronx," where no social-distancing was found to be happening.

At 11:15pm on Saturday night, New York City Sheriff's Department entered a warehouse on Coster Street and found a crowd watching and participating in the fighting. The only way they could've known about the event would be if someone broke the #1 rule of Fight Club.

"Patrons were also observed drinking alcohol, smoking, hookah, and not wearing face coverings while failing to social distance," the sheriff's office said in a statement.

Loaded firearms were found, according to a Tweet from the department.

10 organizers were charged with crimes, as well as many others. A "significant amount of marijuana" was discovered.

Michael Roman, organizer and CEO of Rumble in the Bronx, is facing eight charges, which include unlawful assembly and conducting a prohibited combat sport.

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