Everyone's got that one song that they hear every year and cringe.  For me it's not Wham.  It's not that Christmas Donkey song.  Oddly enough it's from one of the best songwriters the world has ever seen.  I'm not sure how someone who wrote "Maybe I'm Amazed" also wrote "Wonderful Christmastime".  It's the worst Christmas song ever written.

But let's not focus on those earworms...let's try and put some smiles on those faces with a little jingle in your pocket this holiday season with 97X and the Iowa Lottery. You could win a $90 Iowa Lottery prize pack that includes $72 in holiday scratch tickets and some fun swag for the season.

Just be caller number 9 when we ask you to and tell us the Christmas song you’d like to scratch off of any playlist and never hear again.

If your holiday tickets don’t win instantly, don’t fret, because you can enter eligible scratch tickets in the Iowa Lottery’s Winner Wonderland promotion for a chance to win the grand prize of a cool quarter-mill! Must be at least 21 to play.

Get Your Chance at the Biggest Holiday Prize Pool Ever!

Join us in the Winner Wonderland® this holiday season – 181 winners will share in the largest Play It Again holiday prize pool ever with $640,000 in prizes, including a $250,000 grand prize. Because winning is one tradition that never changes.


When you enter a holiday scratch ticket, you'll automatically receive an entry in that ticket's prize category for $500, $1,000 or $5,000. And, if your ticket entry doesn't win a prize in any of the first 3 regular drawings, that ticket will automatically be entered in the $250,000 grand prize drawing in January!

This is your chance at a cool quarter-mill, so get your entry into this hot holiday promotion today!

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