Logan Township Police charged a woman from Altoona, PA and charged her with attempted homicide and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Rebekah L. Todd, 31, is accused of participating in an armed robbery in September in which the 42-year-old man she was with shot a woman in attempt to steal drugs and money.

A 15-year-old had tipped off Rebekah and her companion, Justin F. LeFevre, about two women supposedly selling $1,000 worth of methamphetamine for sale. They picked up the 15-year-old on their way to the deal that they had setup.

As the robbery unfolded, Justin had pointed a handgun at the victims' head while Rebekah held an "AR-style" weapon at the ready.

After arguing a few minutes, Justin had enough, and fired 3 shots into the air. In response to the shots, one of the women fled the scene and the other cut Justin's hand with a pocketknife.

One of the victims was shot by Justin who then opened fire, as well as Rebekah opening fire with the rifle.

The victims said Rebekah wore a bandana over her face, but left the tattoo on her forehead visible, and it would seem Altoona, PA doesn't have many women who are 5'5" with forehead tattoos.

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