Demetria Hannah went to an IHOP in Homewood, Alabama back in February and she wound up choking on a condom in her French toast.

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"While consuming her meal the Plaintiff (Hannah) felt something become lodged in her throat, which caused her to have difficulty breathing," says the lawsuit Hannah just filed. "As a result, she ran to the women's bathroom along with her minor grandson. While in the women's bathroom the Plaintiff attempted to dislodge the material in her throat by vomiting."

The attorney that took on the lawsuit said, "Mrs. Hannah was simply attempting to enjoy a peaceful day with her husband and grandchildren, but is now faced with the burden of heavy emotional damage because of the wrongful actions of IHOP. We will be fighting to ensure Mrs. Hannah receives justice and hopefully prevent anyone else from having to endure this situation in the future."

A representative for the International House of Pancakes denies the claim and say that Hannah planted the condom in her food. "We absolutely deny this claim. It's a total fabrication."


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