Sandra D. Kobs-Sabo, a 50-year old woman from North Dakota faces up to six years after getting a little too frisky with a deputy sheriff.

The incident occurred inside a local tavern called the Crossroads Tavern, located in the 1200 block of Northstar Drive in Bismarck. Last Friday evening, two deputies from the Burleigh County Sheriff's Office arrived at Crossroads Tavern to perform a bar check. While the deputies were in the bar, Kobs-Sabo "jogged" up to one officer and "took a large swing and slapped him in the buttocks."

The slap on the butt was more than a gentle love tap and it reportedly "caused the officer pain." The spanking resulted in Kobs-Sabo being taken into custody for assault.

Though Kobs-Sabo was now in a great deal of trouble, that did not stop her flirtation with the deputy. After being taken into custody Kobs-Sabo catcalled the deputy calling him a "sexy cop."


While in the back of the squad car, on her way to the Burleigh Morton Detention Center in Bismarck, Kobs-Sabo reportedly continued to badger the deputy, asking if he was married. She made it repeatedly clear that she "loves a man in uniform" and "could not believe" she was "going to jail for slapping a sexy cop in the ass."

Kobs-Sabo thought she would only get a slap on the wrist, or a scolding for her action, however, prosecutors were charging her with one count of simple assault against a peace officer, a class C felony, and sexual assault for offensive contact, a class A misdemeanor.

Kobs-Sabo is free on bond, but she faces up to six years behind bars if convicted on both counts.

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