A wild brawl broke out in an Australian supermarket spiraled out of control very quickly, with multiple men and women involved in the fight, but that's not why the video has gone viral.

The fight at the Tamworth Woolworths store was captured on video, later provided to police. The fight began with two women throwing punches at each other.

attachment-Woolworth fight start

Two men got involved trying to stop the fight soon after it began, but then they themselves began fighting each other, throwing punch after punch as scared customers yelled for them to stop the fight as it moved through the store.

Once about 10 people were involved in the fight, a woman in the clip can be seen passing her baby off to a random man so she could jump into the scuffle herself, punching and hitting one of the men.

attachment-Woman hands off baby

The woman was captured on video and can be seen running into one of the aisles pursued by the man who is stopped eventually by a bystander to break up the fracas.

attachment-Woolworth fight start

Bottles of Sprite and other items were thrown onto the floor during the fight. After some time, Woolworth's security arrives to finally break up the rest of the fight.

The group continued to yell insults at each other, one of the two men being heard yelling "We have a kid, c--t."

The New South Wales Police said officers were called to the supermarket on Peel Street about 5pm on June 1st in regards to the fight.

Officers with the Oxley Police District were told a group of people first started arguing before a fight broke out.

Check out the video here: 

“We’re aware of an incident that occurred at our Eastpoint Tamworth store late last week and there’s no place for violence like this anywhere in our community,” a spokesperson for the store said. “We’re offering team members who witnessed it access to counseling services, and we continue to assist police with their inquiries.”

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