Strange stuff happens in dreams. Stranger stuff happens when parts of those dreams work their way into reality.

There's a woman named Jenna Evans in San Diego. And on Tuesday night, she had a dream that she and her fiancé Bobby were on a train, fighting some, "bad guys," and Bobby told her to swallow her engagement ring to keep it safe.

And when Jenna woke up, she realized she actually HAD swallowed her ring.

Jenna Evans via Facebook
Jenna Evans via Facebook

She could feel it in her stomach and it was painful, so rather than eating some Chipotle and letting it work its way out, the doctors gave her an upper endoscopy to remove it.

Fortunately, the procedure went well, the doctors got the ring out, and Jenna says she's happy to have it back.

She and Bobby are getting married in May.

Read more at ABC 10 - San Diego.

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