Never doubt the insane lengths a lady will go to for her cat or the insane level of disdain cats have for their owners.

A woman in her 60s panicked Monday afternoon after her cat got stuck in a tree in Presque Isle, Maine. So she decided to go up after it and started climbing... and climbing... and climbing... and climbing. Suddenly, she realized she was eighty feet up in the air and she was stuck.

Fortunately she had her phone with her and was able to call the fire department for help. They came out and were eventually able to get her down using a giant ladder. She collapsed from exhaustion when she got down, but she's doing okay now.

(Eric Erickson)
(Jeff Kiser)

Her cat had no interest in making the trip down with her and it still hasn't come home. Which means it's either up in the tree or got down and decided to leave its crazy owner behind.