Frackville Pennsylvania woman, Nicole Chester, was charged by West Mahanoy Township Police after they say she had two men dig up the grave of her deceased boyfriend and steal the urn containing his ashes.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

The 33-year-old woman was charged with one felony count of institutional vandalism and one misdemeanor count of each theft, receiving stolen property, intentional desecration of a public monument, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The sister-in-law of the deceased man, Kimberly Mentusky, reported that the urn was dug up shortly after the burial and stolen from the gravesite. She informed police that she believed Nicole Chester had something to do with it.


Police contacted Chester's probation officer and asked if he had seen the urn in Chester's home. The probation officer claimed he did see an urn on the table.

Police confirmed it to be the stolen urn, as it was marked with the deceased man's name "Kevin J. Mentusky." Police were told the urn costs $295.

The probation officer also turned over a glass smoking pipe, a bowl with burnt smoking residue with the odor of marijuana, and a baggie containing residue of an off-white crystal substance that he allegedly found in Chester's home.

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Police Chief Marvin Livergood said this is one of the most disturbing cases he has investigated. “It’s not a crime of violence, but it’s wrong in so many ways. It’s immoral. It’s just not right.”

No one else has been charged in the case but police are still investigating. Chester was freed after posting 10% of her $10,000 bail. Her hearing is scheduled for March 9th at 9:15 AM.

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