A woman in Somalia had to undergo a surgery that is believed to be the first of its kind, to extract a bullet that wasn't even meant for her, but hit her while she was relaxing in her home.

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You know you have a unique story when an international medical journal publishes the story in their case reports.

According to the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, to the best of their knowledge, "this is the first wayward bullet injury penetrating the vulvar area [the outer part of the female genitals] with a retained bullet in the clitoris."

The 24-year-old patient, unnamed of course, was sitting in her home when the bullet came through the ceiling and hit her right in the love button.

Surprised woman reading a newspaper on a couch

Naturally alarmed, she went straight to the Erdoğan Hospital in Mogadishu, where a scan of her downstairs revealed that the errant bullet had lodged itself in the clitoris, which as far as the authors of the study could tell, this was the first case of its kind.

Check out the X-Ray, it's pretty clear that there's a bullet somewhere you never want one.

International Journal of Surgery Case Reports
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

Surgeons placed her under anesthesia and removed the privately attached bullet from her nether region. The surgery went off without a hitch, and she didn't suffer any complications following the bullet removal.

Doctors had a follow-up with the patient a few months later, doctors determined she was in good health.

Read more and See More Than You Want of This Story in International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

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