If you're going to hire a hitman, I can guarantee you googling it is never going to provide a good ending to your side of the story. That's like googling "Where to buy drugs" and expecting that the results I find aren't going to get me in any trouble.

Wendy Wein wanted to get her ex-husband out of the picture, so she did what any smart person would do, and look to Google to find a reliable and reasonably priced hitman, which one can probably assume there's some sort of section of Angie's List for that.

She happened across RentAHitman.com, a website boasting 18,000 operatives around the country, headquartered at the Mar-a-Lago Club.

While it is HIPPA (Hitman Information Privacy and Protection Act of 1964) Compliant, the company does not hide the secret of their cutting of ties with the Illuminati as well as Jeffrey Epstein.

Somehow, Wendy fell for the website, going as far as filling out a request form to have her ex-husband killed. The owner of the website contacted the police, who set up a meeting with Wendy in a parking lot, where she met with the "hitman" to discuss details.

She offered the hitman $5,000 to murder her out-of-state ex-husband, and provided him payment for travel expenses.

Wein was charged Solicitation to Commit Murder.

The owner of RentAHitman.com said he started the website in 2005 as a joke, but has been contacted numerous time for real murder requests and school shootings. He claims to have prevented over 130 murders, because all requests through the website are sent to law enforcement.

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