Whenever we see a video of two people throwing down, the immediate question in our heads is, "What happened that led to this?"

A video shared to Twitter shows a pissed-off woman showing up to her sister's job interview, kicking her ass, and leaving.

The story behind the video, is that the woman found out her sister had been having an affair with her husband, and she wasn't going to let that fly.

"Hey! Hey! No no no," the interviewer can be heard yelling.

Going by the beating, I'd say she got her point across just in flipping her chair alone. The haymakers were all just an added bonus.

Can you imagine the interviewer getting home? "How was work honey?"

"Oh, some woman came into an interview and started throwing homewrecker haymakers."

Of course, the internet loved the video. "I doubt she got the job, but she sure got the business," one commenter wrote.

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