Whole Foods is fighting back against the accusations of a Texas pastor that claim the store decorated a cake with an anti-gay slur.

Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown filed a emotional distress lawsuit against Whole Foods. He says that he ordered a cake with the words "Love Wins" on it. Brown claims that when he picked up the pastry it read "Love Wins F**", he's an openly gay pastor that preaches at the Church of Open Doors.

Whole Foods responded with a countersuit and is alleging that the whole incident was a hoax. They released security footage showing Brown at the store's checkout lane. In the video, you can see the clerk scanning the bar code sticker on the top of the cake box. However, In Brown's original video, it showed the cake box with a barcode sticker on the side of the box:

Here's the video of Brown showing off the unopened and sealed cake:

And here's the footage from Whole Foods security camera:


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