I typically see videos and chuckle at them before moving on, but for some reason, this video has me laughing my ass off every time I look at it.

Slingshot videos are great because you get to see people's ridiculous reactions to being hurtled toward the sky at full speed.

This girl in New Jersey was enjoying the first few seconds of the ride, until a passing seagull minding its own business crossed paths with the ride.

The poor bird gets stuck to the girl because of the velocity they're travelling at, until she's able to reach up and pull the bird off of her and toss it to the side.

Morey's Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey, was the place Kiley Holman decided to take Georgia Reed to celebrate her birthday. Little did they know Kiley would be making new friends with the birds.

It looks like something out of a corny comedy movie.

Meanwhile, her friend next to her had no idea what happened.

Totally worth the $20 DVD.

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