In Mukilteo, Washington, a unique go-kart made out of a toilet has been stolen, resulting in a case of grand theft.

Lynnwood Times YT
Lynnwood Times YT

The Famous Toilet Kart

The beloved novelty vehicle was often used in parades and entertained many with its comedic appearance. Unfortunately, it was parked outside the Stollwerck Plumbing & Sewer building when a man wearing camouflage overalls seized the opportunity to snatch it at around 11 p.m. on a Saturday night.

Surveillance Footage

According to the Mukilteo Police, surveillance footage captured the thief initially checking out the toilet kart, sitting on it, and trying to move it. Upon realizing that it wasn't locked down, the suspect returned 20 minutes later to take it.

Lynnwood Times YT
Lynnwood Times YT

The vehicle's owner, J.D. Stollwerck, estimates that the cost to construct the gas-powered go-kart was around $2,000. Unfortunately, the toilet kart's porcelain was shattered, indicating that the thief may have damaged it while attempting to load it into a vehicle.
The go-kart had an American flag affixed to the back, and Stollwerck often utilized it as an eye-catching advertising tool when it was parked outside of his business on Fifth Street. This has been a major blow to the local community, who had grown to love the hilarious vehicle.

Despite his wife's warnings to lock up the vehicle, he believed it would not be stolen as the street was well-lit.

Mukilteo crime prevention officer, Nathan Fabia, stated that while the theft is unusual, tips have been coming in regarding the crime. Stollwerck and his plumbers are respected and loved within the community, with the go-kart serving as a source of entertainment for passersby.

Message To The Thief

The missing kart has prompted Stollwerk to put up a sign along the roadside, appealing to the thief to return the go-kart. The sign humorously reads, "Hey, Thief! We want our parade kart back. Love, The Plumbers."

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