Drivers in Washington state experienced an unexpected sight in a scene from the movie "Madagascar" as they witnessed four zebras galloping along a highway. The bizarre incident unfolded when the animals, on their way to Montana, took advantage of a momentary lapse in their trailer's security, initiating a wild dash for freedom.

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Zebra Escapade: Four Run Wild on Washington State Highway

According to the Washington State Patrol, the zebras were en route to Montana when the driver pulled off an exit to address an issue with the trailer. Seizing the opportunity, the quartet of zebras, comprising two adult mares, a stallion, and a filly, made a break for it, darting onto the highway and disrupting traffic.

Capturing The Zebras

Cameron Satterfield, a spokesperson for the Regional Animal Services of King County, disclosed that a compassionate individual with a horse pasture played a pivotal role in containing the zebras. "The zebras' owner was able to bring their trailer to the pasture to pick up the three that were captured and make sure they were secured," Satterfield stated, reassuring the public that no injuries were reported among humans or the captured animals. The incident occurred just before 1 p.m. on Sunday, as Kristine Keltgen transported the zebras from Winlock, Washington, to Anaconda, Montana. Keltgen noticed a disturbance with the trailer's flooring, prompting her to halt and address the issue. However, the zebras took advantage of the open door and made a swift exit onto the roadway.

Capturing Footage Of The Zebras

Footage captured by onlookers captured the surreal scene of zebras trotting among vehicles and grazing on grass before seeking refuge in a residential backyard near the highway. Whitney Blomquist, the homeowner, expressed astonishment at the unexpected visitors, comparing the experience to encounters with bears in the past.

A common or plains zebra jumping over a crocodile, Masai Mara, Kenya
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Despite the comedic undertones of the situation, drivers and authorities responded swiftly to contain the zebras and prevent further chaos on the highway. Dan Barnett, a witness to the spectacle, recounted the collective effort of motorists to safeguard the animals from harm.

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