A Florida man was arrested last Wednesday after breaking probation he received last month following his felony methamphetamine charge.

Walter White, 29, was picked up by officers in connection of warrant issued in Polk County, where he received his last charge. At his December 10th sentencing, White was placed on probation for 18 months, in addition to his fines and court costs. He had a curfew from 10pm-6am, random drug tests, and couldn't drink alcohol.

Lake County Sheriff's Office

Court records don't say how he broke the terms of his probation, but you know and I both know that breaking's bad.

White's original arrest occurred when police searched a residence while following up in an investigation of a child welfare case that "involved narcotics." An officer entered a bathroom in the residence, and saw Walter White with a syringe containing meth. Police found meth, syringes, digital scale, and "glass bulbous pipes," all of which he admitted to ownership of.

He has a tattoo on his left arm that reads "Skylar," which is interesting, since in Breaking Bad, Walter's wife is named "Skyler".

Lake County Sheriff's Department

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