We hear lots of cool stories about people leaving huge tips at restaurants because the waiter or waitress was going through a tough time. Here's someone who could have pretended that's what happened, but chose to be honest.

A waitress by the name of Tessa Smith was cleaning off tables at a Country's Barbeque restaurant in Columbus, Georgia last Tuesday and found an envelope with $1,300 in it.

She's a single mom and could definitely have used the money. But, instead of keeping it or assuming it was an awesome tip, she told her manager, who posted something about it on the restaurant's Facebook page.

It turned out it was a mistake. The people saw the Facebook post, came back the next morning to get the money, and gave Tessa a hundred bucks for being honest.

Now she must be really happy she didn't keep the money, because someone set up a GoFundMe to raise $1,300 for her. So far people have donated over sixteen hundred bucks.