I have to tell you a story. A story about friendship, brotherhood, and perseverance.

I was scrolling through the social media today when I saw the story of two fellow United States Marine Veterans who climbed a mountain together. No big deal, right? I thought so too until I learned that one of them had been hit by an IED while conducting a long-range reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan. As a result of the IED, the Marine, Jonathon Blank, sustained shrapnel wounds to his left arm and head and also severed both of his legs.

Fast forward 9 years, fellow Marine John Nelson, who served along side of Blank in the special operations unit in Afghanistan, was driving by Mount Timpanogos in Utah, when he decided he was going to carry Jonathon to the top of the mountain so he could enjoy the view.

Nelson carried Blank, who weighs 135 lbs, on his back for 14.3 miles, gaining 4,500 feet of elevation.

“I thought this would be something epic for him to experience, to actually get to the saddle,” Nelson told Fox 13

Along their trip they encountered other hikers who were stunned by what they were witnessing.

“Not only have I lived through this, but we’re also special operations guys,” Blank said. “We can do anything. We can maybe instill that mindset into other people.”

I think we can all learn something from two. Looking at these two, I think it's important for all of us to appreciate life a little more. Things change in all of our lives both bad and good and it's up to us to find a way to lift others up. We're all bothers and sisters on this Earth and it's time we start looking out for each other.

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