Jerry Schreiner from Vander Vending in Rock Island talked to me in this "Behind the Business" segment.  His company provides chips, candy bars, cold food, sandwiches and coffee.

However, he doesn't think of his business as just a place for people to get snacks.  If you've ever been in a position where your productivity has taken precedence over meal time and you've gotten light can thank Jerry for having a quick snack available. That's something he takes pride in and knows he has to deliver in those times of need.

Jerry got started in business first by remodeling his basement.  He had the idea to put some games in...and quickly found out there was no room for the amount of games he wanted.  So, he talked to Bobby Schilling and ended up putting them into Saint Giuseppe's to try & make some money.  Soon, he realized everyone has games on their phone and make a pivot to vending.

He's proud of the fact that he still gets out in the field to fix the machines and adds his cell phone to each one so if there's any issues he is able to make it right.  From the drunk guy at 1am that wants his dime back to figuring out clients needs and matching those with the end consumers...Jerry wants to make sure everyone walks away happy.

From Vending Machines, to Micro Markets & Office Coffee...maybe even a Food Truck, Vander Vending is looking forward to serving you.

Vander Vending
500 16th St, Rock Island, IL 61201
(309) 373-5502


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