I talked with Alexandria Rose from Shademaster Nursery in Davenport.  It was a gloomy April day, so our internet connection wasn't the best in the world.  Despite the weather, we had a great conversation about connection...oddly enough.  Her business thrives on relationships.  Many years of building bonds with landscapers and customers around the Quad Cities has built a trust that creates return customers.

Shademaster Nursery is a branch of Rose Tree Nursery. Rose Tree Nursery was started in 2000 as a wholesale tree farm in Donahue, IA by Victor Rose and his parents, David and Shirley Rose. They grew trees on 22 acres and sold to garden centers and landscapers. In 2010 they built Shademaster Nursery up the road from Farm & Fleet in Davenport on 16 acres and widened their business by selling perennials, shrubs, evergreen and container trees as well. Since 2010 they've supplied many residential customers along with landscapers, builders and city officials with plant material for their jobs.

Victor started the tree business because folks will always need trees. Alexandria got involved by helping with watering and paperwork and now runs the office.  "Much to my husband's glee," she says.

Since most of their business is their landscaper customers, they specialize in larger, landscape-ready plant material. They also only buy from growers north of us to guarantee survivability in our bipolar Midwest weather.

The virus hasn't changed operations much.  Her customers are able to call or email what they need.  She's able to find it for them and leave it out for pick up soon after that.

Shademaster Nursery
4401 W. 90th Street
Davenport, IA 52806


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