Ted Doty is the owner of The Camera Corner in Davenport.  He started work there when he was a sprightly 16 year old boy with a love for photography.  He used to read National Geographic and dreamed of doing shoots in the wild.  In order to get his first camera he had a newspaper route and saved his money.

He bought the business in 2014, which has been around since 1960. The business takes up most of his time but he enjoys helping other people get the shots they want.  Educating the consumer so they can level up and become a better photographer is one of his favorite parts of the job.

Many of his customers are what he calls "pro-sumer".  Not an entry level photographer...but not a professional.  The person that loves photography as a hobby but wants to step up their game is going to find a wonderful mentor in Ted.

As technology gets better & better...image sensors have become so advanced that we don't need an external light anymore. We're able to get much better pictures of our kids in sports with just our cell phones.  But that long range shot is hard to get without the proper lens. That's where Ted comes in.

The Camera Corner in Davenport is open for business.  They offer online prints with curbside pick up.  Free delivery for orders over $25.


They are a full photo retail & printing store. Anything from  4x6's up to large scale printing.  Business cards and life size cut outs.  Cameras, accessories, processing and of course guidance.  Ted has a passion for photography and helping you capture the best pictures possible.

"We also offer an extensive array of professional in-store services. These include photo printing and enlargements up to poster sizes, image scanning to digital, video transfer and editing, image recovery, mounting, laminating, on-demand and custom framing, photo calendars, photo restoration, photo cards, photo announcements, and photo invitations. And, yes, we still develop film and make slides and prints."

The Camera Corner, Inc.
3523 Eastern Ave. Davenport, Ia

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