When someone answers "How are you?" with "It's a great day!" it says something about that person.  Optimistic in the face of adversity is a great trait to have and it's one that today's guest holds high.

Blake Anderson from Dreamscape Technology in Davenport talks about this company "built by dreamers, for dreamers chasing their dreams."

Dreamscape started as an engraving company and expanded to sandblasting, coating & COVID-19 Cleaning.  The owner Jeronimo Chavez, had a dream to build a company around his dreams, his families dreams, employees dreams and to make it successful for everybody...not just him.

Blake talks about a customer that is restoring the original lights on her Victorian home. They were originally gas lit lights that were converted to electric. Now, she could go buy new lights and it would probably be cheaper...but they were built specifically for this home and were a part of the homes history.  It was the most important thing about her project and Blake was proud to be a part of it.

11 lights will not make the company a ton of money...but it's projects like this that bring pride to the employees and satisfaction to the customer.


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