This guy puts the "oops" in "poops."

Police in Thousand Oaks, Calif. tracked down and arrested a burglar, thanks to DNA evidence he left after he went number two and didn't flush when he broke into a home.

The crime happened last October. Andrew David Jensen, 42, the crook-slash-dude who doesn't know how modern plumbing works, was arrested last month. Yes, it took nine months for cops to follow their noses in order to crack the case.

Authorities "found fecal matter in an unflushed toilet that possibly had the suspect's DNA," reports the Ventura County Star, proving that police work is not nearly as gritty as it looks on TV and in movies.

The DNA matched up to Jensen, making it pretty easy for police to arrest Jensen. We just feel badly for whoever had to cuff him. If this guy didn't flush, you get the feeling he probably doesn't wash his hands, either.

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