We all have a friend who drinks too much and ends up trying to fight someone. If that's you, the best thing for you is to have a peaceful drinking friend who will just defuse whatever situation you run your mouth or fists into. The worst combination is two drinking buddies with an inclination to throw down as soon as the bottles are empty.

It's not clear what started this fight that was caught on video by a guy in a nearby balcony, but this is the most confusing fight I've ever watched. It's two obviously drunk guys fighting on a sidewalk.

After about 30 seconds of the fight, both of them have had their asses kicked without either landing a punch.

Both of these guys throw punches and kicks without making contact with anything, throwing their already horrible, drunken balance out of whack even more.

No punches are landing from either of them until both of them knock themselves down and they accidentally land on top of each other. Then one of the guys gets a few good punches in and then they're done.

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