Isn't the key to shoplifting NOT doing something that draws a TON of attention to you?

There's a 32-year-old woman named Courtney Backes from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and she was visiting Okaloosa Island, Florida last week.

Well, around 7:00 P.M. on Thursday night, she went to a surf shop and stole a pair of flip-flops and a t-shirt.

And she might've gotten away with it too, if a bunch of people hadn't called the cops on her for another reason.

Because when Courtney left the store, she hopped on her bike and took off her shirt. Then she started biking down the middle of a highway.

Okaloosa Department of Corrections
Okaloosa Department of Corrections

So a bunch of people called the cops about the topless woman biking down the middle of the highway, and when they stopped Courtney, they found the stuff she'd stolen in her bag.

She was charged with retail theft.

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