A 28-year- old woman was sunbathing at Pedn Vounder, a nudist beach in the UK, when she saw people in distress in the water.

I know what you're thinking, "Wait, so there's people drowning... at a nude beach... definitely for real."

Jessica Layton, was all-natural and decided to go for a dip before she left, when she heard a commotion and looked to see 2 women struggling in the water. A third family member ran in to help them, and also had a problem.

“I was topless in the sea when I saw two young women struggling to swim near rocks. Another member of the family ran in to help them and she started struggling, too," Jessica told Cornwall Live.

So, Jessica jumped into action and swam to help them, she said, “I swam towards them and thought, ‘Oh s—‘ as I realized how strong the rip current was. I was struggling myself and they were panicking, which wasn’t ideal in a situation like that."

The two sisters and a cousin were in trouble, so Jessica was going to have them try and float, which is the best thing to do in a riptide, but they were too panicked. The three women were holding hands, so Jessica grabbed one of their hands and pulled all three out of the water. One of them asked if she was a lifeguard, but there isn't a

Jessica said the timing was perfect, because she had just put her bikini bottom back on just before the rescue.

“Fortunately, I’d just put my bikini bottoms on before it happened. It’s a classic — of course I was going to be topless when something like this happens!"

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