If you fly Delta, American or United out of the Quad Cities, or Chicago, expect to pay more when you check your bags. American, Delta and United have all raised their baggage fees by $5.

Now it'll cost $30 to check your first bag. $40 for the second bag. Going round trip with those two bags? By the time you get back home baggage fees alone will have cost you $140. That's over and above your ticket price. This according to an article in the Chicago Tribune.

No wonder people try to cram bigger and bigger carry on's in the overhead bin. I was never a big luggage checker until after 9-11. It just seemed easier to check the luggage in instead of trying to go through security with a larger carry on. In the era of taking off your shoes, taking off your belt, and restrictions about what you could carry on a plane. Checking luggage seemed easier.

However, I'm cheap. I've flown a lot in a post 9-11 world so I'm not as intimidated as I once was by the security line. It may be time to join the crowd in trying to cram a larger carry on in the overhead bin.

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