Some guy on Twitter spent 11 months bugging Outback Steakhouse to let him be the Bloomin' Onion mascot at the Outback Bowl this year. They said he could do it if he got 10,000 retweets, and he got it done in about four hours.

Talk about dedication, I don't think I've ever wanted something as bad as Ryan Nanni wants to be the Bloomin' Onion mascot. For the better part of a year he relentlessly tweeted at the official account for Outback Steakhouse.

Finally, Outback cracked and told Ryan that he needed to get 10,000 retweets and he'd land the gig.

Outback must have underestimated how excited people would be to help Ryan reach his goal. His post hit the 10,000 mark in just under four hours and Outback admitted defeat.

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