We all know Disney is full of dirty jokes for the parents, but never did we think we'd hear the F-Word in a Toy Story movie.

If you think back to 2010, you'll remember how the toys all ended up being donated to a daycare, and the hierarchy of the toys there didn't end with Woody on top, but Lots-o-Huggin' Bear (voiced by Ned Beatty), who turns out to be an evil jerk.

Crazy Buzz fan via YouTube
Crazy Buzz fan via YouTube

Barbie finally finds love with a Ken doll, but it turns out Ken is one of the henchies of Lotso. So, the team lets Barbie interrogate him, which she does by tying him up in the dreamhouse.

One guy on TikTok was watching the scene and heard something he had never heard before.

Barbie rips a pair of swimtrunks to get the information out of a tied up Ken, and he yells "Oh, F**K! Those were vintage!"

MovieClips via YouTube
MovieClips via YouTube

Now, it's totally divided the internet.

Just listen to it here: Think "OH, F**K!" when you watch it, and that's what you'll hear:

Now, go back and watch it again, but think "Oh, Barbie!"

The real line, of course, is "Oh, Barbie!" which you can hear better in this clean audio version, but the volume drop out from @kittyfeeley's TV makes it sound like a totally different line.

You can switch back and forth all you want.

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