A sewing vlogger has gone viral after her video accidentally had a surprise cameo by a passing vehicle on the street behind her.

The channel, Today in Jen's Sewing Room, covers sewing patterns, tips, and tricks.

While shooting her newest video, Jen was explaining her creation of Mrs. Peasant blouses.

Halfway through her explanatory video shoot, a slamming thud sound can be heard in the background.

Today in Jen's Sewing Room via YouTube
Today in Jen's Sewing Room via YouTube

A car ran a stop sign, hit a drainage ditch and went airborne, coming to a stop just short of the wall behind our friendly sewing YouTuber. The force of the car hitting the ground and the mud being thrown into the side of the house was so strong, pictures fell off of her walls.


Jen ran out to check on the driver. She returned later to explain what had happened. She said that the driver was a food delivery driver, and was able to walk away from the wreck unharmed.

Check out the video, it happens around the 8-minute mark.

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