We've all had some pretty terrible customer service calls that we should hope never get leaked. There's something about being on hold, fighting with a computer answering software and then after all the waiting being told "No" to your question that just brings out the absolute worst in the human race.

Video shared to Twitter by an account called "Karen of The Year Awards" captioned a video "Customer service Karen at boss level."

The video is a cell phone camera recording the phone from the customer service call's side.

After listening to the video, the woman definitely is upset and wants to speak to the supervisor about something, but the customer service agent can't even get the words out that she's going to transfer her.

The caller ends up turning into something from The Exorcist.


Here's the video, and be sure that if you're around anyone easily offended, this thing is EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

This woman's hurling insults, screaming to the point where I'm pretty sure either a vocal cord is going to tear or she's going to pop a blood vessel.

At one point, as the woman is repeatedly screaming "NOW" it turns into more of a "NEOW," and then she sounds like one of Joe Exotic's big cats.


If you're in customer service, just know that I at least know - you're not saying no because you want to, you're saying no because that's what you have to do.

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We should all strive to do better, and understand that customer service reps have little to no control over the policies.

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