There's a decent chance you received a totality video of the eclipse on Monday that wasn't the eclipse, or the sun, but a flashlight as the "sun" and then a pair of testes floats into the frame to block the light, and apparently one TV station in Mexico wasn't an exception.

News anchors from RCG Media were showing viewer-submitted videos of the eclipse and its totality, and apparently whoever the producer was that day either didn't care about the job anymore or didn't preview one submitted video.

As they showed the light, the uncensored testicles floated onto the screen. The faces of the anchors are priceless.

It's only for a split second, but you get a pretty good look at someone's junk.

TMZ originally reported that the nuts belonged to Tommy Lee, which would track with his previous behaviors of posting pictures of his junk on social media, but it turns out he had just posted the video after he had it sent to him by a friend.

If you want to see the uncensored version of the video, someone shared it on Reddit.

You can see the uncensored version here, but I mean, here's your warning - it's balls. 

The solar eclipse brought millions from around the country to the path of totality to see what will be the last coast-to-coast solar eclipse in our lifetime.

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