It's prom season, which means we're right in the sweet spot to see some good and some bad, and for me, this one falls on the good side.

Like many promposals (the new word for asking someone to their school's prom), Gavin Gallig enlisted the help of his friends, RJ Coldren, Ethan Bauer, and Damon Gasser, to ask his girlfriend, Gianna Masterlasco, to their school's prom.

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Patrick Masterlasco, the dad of Gianna, recorded the whole ordeal. He told Newsflare, "Got a text to open the front door and was not expecting this. They had one rehearsal and decided to just go for it."

Gianna opened her front door to a kid in the front yard, wearing a medieval-looking jacket, a white wig, and playing a trumpet.


Once he stops playing, three more teens ride into the frame on the stick horses everyone seemingly had as a kid. The horses are complete with clopping sounds.


You can tell who Gavin is, because he's dressed as a prince with a crown and a cape. One of the friends lifts up Gavin's passenger off the horse, who unfurls a scroll.


"Hear ye, hear ye! Sir Gavin Gallig - son of Sir Trevor Gallig, first of his name, Destroyer of Porcelain, Tamer of The Beast Chewbacca, Slayer of Bugs, and Scurge to All Things That Smell Nice and Clean - cordially invites you, Miss Gianna Masterlasco, to the Royal Gala filled with fun fellowship, and fellow acquaintances on 6 May, 2023, in the year of our Lord. What is your response, Madam?" The crier says.

"Yes," Gianna answers simply.

"Wonderful," Gavin responds, in an appropriate accent. "Horse!" He says to his accomplice.

The crier walks up to Gianna and presents her with a crown.

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Gianna's dad laughed as the group rode off on their "horses." He told Newsflare that the whole thing was unscripted, and the crier came up with the speech on the spot.

Their prom is this weekend, so we'll have to all keep an eye out to see if there's a part two to this medieval prince theme.

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