This has to be just about the worst way to celebrate the end of Shark Week. Two men and a woman went to the San Antonio Aquarium on Saturday afternoon and grabbed a three-foot horn shark out of its tank.

The trio swaddled it in a blanket like a baby, put it in a stroller, and walked right out with the shark. It was a pretty good heist, because the staff at the aquarium didn't realize the shark was missing for 45 minutes.

Horn sharks can only survive out of water for maybe an hour or two, and they need to be in warm saltwater. Luckily, two of the suspects came forward and confessed.

The shark, named Helen, was returned to the aquarium after authorities were able to track down the suspect's truck. Apparently the thieves had some sort of experience working with sharks, because Helen was "thriving" in the home.

The two male suspects face charges for theft and one of them could be hit with felony charges. The woman has not confessed and may not face charges at all.

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