Thanks to cell phones, does boredom even really exist anymore? Hopefully it's still around, because science says being bored is good for you.

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When you're bored you'll be more creative. It forces your mind to wander. A study in 2014 gave people random tasks, and then a creativity test. The group with the most boring task of reading a phone book ended up scoring highest on the creativity test.

You become more goal-oriented. A 2011 study found that when you daydream, you're more likely to think about the future than the past. This causes you to do something called "autobiographical planning," where you think about stuff you have to take care of.

It can make you more productive. A study last year found that daydreaming actually made people perform better at tasks. Again, it's because it stimulates part of your brain associated with free-thinking.

Boredom makes you more generous. Researchers in Ireland found that being bored made people more likely to engage in "pro-social behaviors," like donating to charity.

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