EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah- A morning in Eagle Mountain was shattered by an unexpected tragedy when a chunk of ice fell from the sky, claiming the life of a beloved family goat.

KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City
The hole in the roof where the ice fell through.  KUTV 2 News Salt Lake City

Chunk of Ice Falls from Sky, Kills Family's Goat in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Cassidy Lewis, the distressed owner of the goat, recounted the harrowing event, stating that the incident occurred on Monday morning with a deafening bang that reverberated through her home. "It shook the house," Lewis described, recalling the chaotic aftermath as her animals reacted in terror. "The roosters were freaking out. The horses were going crazy," she added.

Venturing outside, Lewis was confronted with a scene of devastation. A gaping hole marred the surface of her shed, with fragments of ice strewn about, and her goat grievously injured. "Just confused by what had happened, so I did call the sheriff out," Lewis stated, seeking answers in the wake of the inexplicable tragedy.

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Where Did The Ice Chunk Come From?

Authorities investigating the incident suggested that the only plausible explanation for the falling ice was a passing airplane. "He just said that we're below a flight path and it could have been ice from an airplane, which I had no idea that could have happened," Lewis recounted, still grappling with the surreal turn of events.

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Edited Getty Images

Despite conducting her own research and reaching out to the airport, Lewis remains convinced that the ice's origin lies in a passing aircraft. "We were just unlucky apparently to have it hit us," she lamented, acknowledging the infinitesimal odds of such a catastrophic event occurring.

While grateful that neither her home nor her children were harmed, Lewis admitted to feeling a newfound unease at the sound of passing planes. "Honestly, every time I hear a plane go by, I'm thinking, 'Do I need to?' Like, it's made me a little bit nervous about it happening again," she confessed.

Investigating The Fallen Ice Incident

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation to determine the precise flight from which the ice may have fallen. As the community grapples with the shocking incident, residents are left to ponder the capriciousness of fate and the fragility of life in the face of unforeseen dangers from above.

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