Some days you probably feel like your job is scary. Anything that sucks the soul out of your body qualifies as scary. But not compared to these.

Getty Images has a list for Halloween of the ten scariest jobs in America. As in, jobs that would trigger hardcore phobias in the average person. Check 'em out.

  1. Arachnologist. A person who studies spiders.
  2. Coroner. Obviously it involves touching and cutting open dead bodies.
  3. Diver. You spend your time deep in the ocean, totally alone.
  4. Forensic scientist technician. You analyze blood and body parts at crime scenes.
  5. Hazardous materials technician. It involves handling nuclear and medical waste and cleaning up houses with hoarders.
  6. Herpetologist. A person who studies snakes and other reptiles.
  7. Elasmobranchologists. They study sharks.
  8. Medical laboratory technologist. They handle blood all day, every day.
  9. Miner. Obviously it involves a lot of time alone in dark, small, dangerous spaces.
  10. Transmission tower worker. Not good for anyone with a fear of heights.

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