The MLB has finally begun to answer questions we all have about this supposed "Field of Dreams" game between the White Sox and the Yankees. Here's what they've given us so far:

  • When and where is the gaJme? August 13, 2020, in a new ballpark constructed at the Field of Dreams movie site.
  • Who is playing? White Sox vs Yankees- White Sox are "Home" and are even surrendering one of their home dates to get it.
  • Yes, this is a regular season game.
  • Yes, you can watch it on FOX at 6pm. 
  • No, ticket info isn't available at this time, other than there are 8,000 seats in the stadium. 
  • What will the field look like? It's being designed to look like Comiskey Park, the home of the White Sox from 1910-1990.
  • The field won't be destroyed, so what happens next? The owners of the movie site will have to determine what they want to host there now.
  • Is this the smallest MLB facility? No, Bowman Field in Williamsport, PA. only has 2,366 seats.
  • This is the first MLB regular-season game in Iowa. In Fort Dodge, IA an exhibition game was played between the White Sox and the Cubs back in 1942.
  • Will people come? They built it. We will come.


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