This might help the next time you're planning a vacation. Someone figured out the best places to go every month of the year if you're looking for the best value.


They dug through a ton of stats from and looked at the best destinations in the U.S. and abroad. Here's the cheapest places to go, by month:

  • In January – Los Angeles or Melbourne, Australia.
  • In February – Honolulu or Hong Kong.
  • In March – Flagstaff, Arizona or Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • In April – Chicago or Denmark.
  • In May – Fort Lauderdale or London.
  • In June – San Antonio or Beijing.
  • In July – Boston or Sydney, Australia.
  • In August – New York or Berlin.
  • In September – Orlando or Rome.
  • In October – New Orleans or Cape Town, South Africa.
  • In November – San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • In December – Las Vegas or Frankfurt, Germany.

Read more at TIME.

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