I was reading a story this morning from the Miami Hearld this morning where they were picking the most "Florida Man" stories of all time and it got me thinking. What crazy Iowa stories are there. I mean, we're no way close to Florida in terms of insane stories, but we have stories that are uniquely Iowa as well.

I started doing some digging and in no time at all I was able to come up with a list of the top 10 Iowa stories. In fact, I decided to go full Spinal Tap and turned this one up to 11, so it is in fact, the Top 11 Most Insane Iowa Stories Of All Time.

  1. ISU Student Claims Pop-Tart Grilled Cheese As Official Sandwich of Iowa
  2. Iowa Driver Has The Worst Excuse For Going 137 MPH In Ferrari
  3. Iowa Man Trashes Hospital While Being Treated For Tide Pod Consumption
  4. Iowa Inmates Suing For Right To Pornography
  5. Jamaica, Iowa Mayor Arrested After Police Find 18 Pot Plants In Home
  6. Iowa Burglar Fell Through Store Ceiling "Looking for Rocks"
  7. Iowa Man Arrested After Building IED At Sushi Restaurant
  8. Iowa Man Receives Giant Check For $1 Lottery Win
  9. Iowa College Student Interrupts Presidential Candidate's Speech To Get Some Ranch Dressing
  10. Iowa Man Accidentally Shot By Dog
  11. Iowa Man Stabs Brother Over Who Ate The Last Rib

Honorable Mention: Iowa Pastor Charged After Chasing And Shooting At Daughter

I'm not sure if it's any coincidence that most of these stories have been in the last year or so. I hope it's not any indication that Iowa is turning into the new Florida. Maybe humans as a whole are just losing their minds.